Thursday, 17 July 2008

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad world

The Emmy nominations are out today, and the television drama 'Mad Men' has scooped a whopping 16 nominations.

I for one am thrilled, as I simply couldn't get enough of the outstanding first series with Donald Draper and the boys. For those who don't know anything about 'Mad Men', it's a truly brilliant television drama set in the early 1960's at a top New York advertising agency. It's a searing look at sexual politics both at home and in the workplace. You may have heard people muttering that it's better than 'The Sopranos'. Normally, I wouldn't give truck to such mutterings, but in this case.....believe every word. It's superbly written and acted - with not a Bryl Creem-ed hair out of place.

In my everyday modern life, I would happily consider myself a feminist, but as soon as I watch 'Mad Men' I'm immersed into a different world, where men run the show and women do as they're told. Sounds horrific, but I'd quite willingly sign on for nothing more strenuous than a bit of light typing and to be habitually referred to as 'Sweet Cheeks' during staff meetings.

You can probably catch a few snippets on You Tube, or if you're feeling more legal, you can buy the DVD of Series 1 and see what all the fuss is about. But be warned: you will feel the irresistible urge to have a cigarette afterwards. For all the right reasons.